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Upholstery Cleaning Codes   

It is important to know what cleaning code a new upholstered piece has.  If you buy some new furniture without
knowing then clean it the wrong way, you can permanently damage its apperance.  Find the code a tag on the piece or
ask a salesperson.  

W:  Water based cleaning agents or foam may be used only.
S:  Mild water-free dry cleaning solutions only.  Use of water-based cleaners may shrink the area, or cause permanent
water stains.
X:  Vacuum or light brushing only.  No liquids or foam.
V:  Use warm water and mild soap only.  
Dust mite allergy is the most common allergies that
Americans suffer from. If you have: stuffy nose, teary dust
mite allergies. Harmful dust mites thrive in high humidity
generated by your sweat & skin particles. They live in your
drapes, mattreses, and in the air in your to including your
draperies.Our process kills these harmful organisms. By
removing the dust mites and other allergens from your
draperies you increase the air quality in your home
Did you know that your mattress and pillows contains more dirt than any other furnishing in your home? Incredible but
true. Dead skin cells, dust mites that feed on these cells and leave their excrement, along with other allergens,
bacteria and even mould spores inhabit mattresses and pillows. These nasties can be serious health issues for
people who suffer from allergies as well as asthma.  Call
(888) 808-6772 to schedule your Mattress Cleaning.
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Unlike most cleaners, we go beyond Just Cleaning. After preInspect to indentify
problem areas. Our superb cleaning process include:

1/ Vacuum thoroughly.  Pre-treat spots & stains
2/ Clean with our heated upholstery cleaning solutions to loosen embedded dirts &
stains. Extract soiled solutions. Rinse with water & Extract all contaminants  to make a
super clean surface so the fabric can bonds strong with our Fabric Protector.
3/ Deodorize against pet odor or smoke
4/ Sanitize to kill dustmites, virus, bacteria. We use  a natural UV to kill germs
5/ Protect against spills & dusts so your furniture looks cleaner ... longer.  
Saving you money to reclean sooner than needed! Protector also helps to extend
the life of your furniture.

We: steam clean sofas, dry clean couches, remove pet odor, cat urine, remove stains, ink marks..
If you have kids, pets, Fabric Protectant is recommended.
For a Free Estimate:
The solutions that we use are environmentally safe and completely nontoxic and are safe for people with allergies, indoor air quality
and reduce allergens. Professional cleaning is the key to killing dust mites which is the number one cause of allergens in the
indoor environment. Good maintenance can extend the life of furniture, while poor quality cleaning can leave behind residues and
actually harm your investment.


1/ Household soils: greasy hands & body oil  transferred to the head cushions and arm rests of the furniture and can
cause damage to the finished surface.  That spillage if not cleaned properly and quickly may become camarelized and the stains
are permanently set.
2/ Atmospheric Soils Visualize the dust that builds up on a desk over a week's time. This same dust is being your furniture.
3/ Common Soils These soils are common dirt tracked in from outside by adults, kids, pets. They are dirt, sand, mud, grass  and
fibers from plants.
4/ Pet Deposits: pet hairs and pet urination can cause serious health problem beside the unpleasant odors and hairs that stick to
your clothes everywhere
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It's always a pleasure to see how bright and clean your furniture look right after they've been
professionally cleaned. Now You can kep your furniture look cleaner, fresher longer by applying Fabric
Protectant. It is applied by spray application, dries quickly, and leaves no odor.

TREATED: Fabric Protector keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making it easier to wipe off the stains.  
The protector forms a bond around the fiber, making the spills "beads up" as shown in the picture. This
helps to repel dust, spills and make your upholstery look cleaner longer.

UNTREATED: Dirt & spills cling to untreated fabrics and quickly embedded in the fibers, resulting in a
stain.   If the stains are not cleaned appropriately, they will oxidize, deteriorate the fiber quicker, and form a
breading ground for bacterias.  The stains may become permanent if leave uncleaned

1/ Silicone water repellents. Silicone products have ZERO resistant to oil based stains. It  yellows with
age. Because it never really dries, it actually attracts dust and soil with a slightly tacky film and very difficult
to clean when it gets dirty.
2/ Polymers repellant.  It needs HEAT to cure completely.  The coating is best done in industrial setting,
NOT a home.  Polymers don't bond well with dirty fabric.
Our High Tech Fabric Guard will repel spills, oil, soil, grease, and dust.  It lasts much longer than Silicon water repellent.  High
Tech Fabric Guard contains a UV screen to slow the harmful effects of the damaging sun.  If you sofa is not protected and placed
at a very sunny window, you probably see color fading within a short few years.  What’s more damaging than color loss is fabric
deteriation.  It becomes very brittle and rips easily. Fabric Protector is strongly recommended if you have kids, pets, or high traffic
use like restaurants, hotels...

PET ODOR REMOVALis a product that utilizes a relatively new field of biology called bioremediation.  It utitilizes bacteria that
actually like to "eat" what your pet "leaves behind."  So, instead of masking the odor or hiding the stain, it eats it away, thus the
problem doesn't even exist when it's done!  Once the bacteria have no more food (your pets stain), they simply die.  Because this
process is an organic life process, it takes time, so be patient with your stain removing process.   You may still smell the urine
for a few days after our pet odor treatment, it will go away once the bacteria die.
Our Couch Cleaning Services: Clean Microfiber Furniture, Remove Cat urine odor, Kill dustmites on mattresses,
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