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How do you clean leather?
Leather Cleaning Procedures:
  1. VACUUM to remove dust & loose contamniants
  2. Pre-treat  Stains. We examine your leather for spots, body oil,
    perspiration and pre-treat these spots and stains.
  3. CLEAN. Your leathers are then gently cleaned with safe, leather
    pH balanced cleaning agents.
  4. CONDITION. We will moisturize and replenish the oils which
    are depleted from the skin over time.  
  5. PROTECT. Leather Protection Coat is Optional to spill proof
    and make your leather cleaner longer.
Best Leather Sofa Cleaners
The sun, heat, and AC will dry the oil and water out of leather causing crackings and fadings. Leather needs to be cleaned
to prevent airborne dust and particles from building up on the surface.  Once they build up they tend to clog its pores, and
as the leather is flexed, they travel down into its fibers.  These contaminants need to be removed before conditioners and
protectants are added.  Good leather cleaners are designed to pull out grime from deep within the fibers, as well as
removed surface dirt.
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1/ Household soils: greasy hands & body oil  transferred to the head
cushions and arm rests of the furniture and can cause damage to the
finished surface.  That food spillage if not cleaned properly and quickly
may become camarelized and the stains are permanently set
2/ Atmospheric Soils Visualize the dust that builds up on a desk over
a week's time. This same dust is being your furniture.
3/ Common Soils These soils are common dirt tracked in from outside
by adults, kids, pets. They are dirt, sand, mud, grass  and fibers from
4/ Pet Deposits: pet hairs and pet urination can cause serious health
problem beside the unpleasant odors and hairs that stick to your
clothes everywhere.
Leather Cleaner Reviews
The pH of leather is approximately 4.5.  Few of the cleaning
agents at the consumer level is truly safe for leather cleaning.  We
have seen water rings, dye loss, rotting leather and cracking all
from wrong cleaning agents.  It is seriously recommended that
the consumer purchase cleaning agents from a professional who
specialized in leather care.

We strongly advise against saddle soap, as it has been known to
remove the dye from the leather. Avoid products that contain
petroleum or mineral oils, as they cause leather fibers to rot
prematurely.  Our cleaners and conditioners find their way deep
into the pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration,
grime that destroy the fibers of the leather, causing it to lose
strength, flexibility and deteriorate quicker.  The contaminants are
pulled out from the leather and float to the surface so you can
wipe it off with a towel.  Badly stained surfaces may need to be
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Clean, Condition, Protect Leather
Leather is the luxury of furniture.  It requires a professional to
maintain its suppleness. This include cleaning,rejuvenating the
moisture and fat liquors that have evaporated, and applying the
proper protection. Properly maintained leather will prevent
crackings & last for years.

Leather adjusts to your body temperature, and because it is a
"skin", it pores absorb and release approximately 30% of its
weight in moisture. This lost moisture needs to be replenished
or your leather will eventually dry out & cracked. Leather is
soothing to both your body and your mind.

Our goal is to clean, protect, and restore the color, softness and
supple feel of your original leather.

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Leather is tanned to last a long time . It will age graciously and will develop it’s own unique character lines. Each piece
of leather varies in grain, texture, slight color variations and natural markings like pores & wrinkles. These are not flaws
but unique character marks of all fine leathers.

The sooner you wipe away spills the less chance of permanent staining. When you clean, always use a wiping motion
not a scrubbing motion. Do an entire seat or cushion, do not “spot” clean . Clean seam to seam edge to edge to avoid
"rings" when it dries.

Protected (Finished) Leather has topcoat applied to give the surface more durability and clean-ability.   This type of
leather is the most common type.

Unprotected (Unfinished) Leather includes: Nubuck (velvet feel), Suede (reverse side of leather) and Aniline (soft and
buttery).  These unprotected leathers will readily absorb moisture and easily become stained.  Oils and perspiration
will also soak into these leathers causing dye transfer and displacement.  These leathers can become maintenance
nightmare.  These are also the softest, most comfortable, most expensive leather

Avoid direct sun and heat sources.
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