Cleaners To Your Door

Repair, Dye: Leather Jackets
Repair Tears, Holes in Leather

Problems: Faded, Stained, Discoloration
SOLUTIONS: Clean, Dye to Restore color
Problems: Torn, ripped lining
SOLUTION: Replace with new lining
Problems: Oily Stains, Fading, Heavily Soiled, Discolored
SOLUTIONS: Clean, Remove Stains, Condition, Dye to Restore Color, Protect
Problems: Dry, Scraped, Color Loss
SOLUTION: Clean, Condition, Dye to Restore Color
Problems: Tear, Rip is about 5 in long
Step 1: Reinforce with subpatch & leather Glue
Step 2: Refinish with Maching Color
Solution:  Happy Customer.  5in rip is almost gone!