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Ink Removal, Color Restore on
Leather Bags, Designer Bags

leather handbags cleaning
How do we clean leather handbags?
•  Individual spots and stains removal
•  Hand clean outer surfaces
•  Hand clean lining
•  Hand clean strap and hardware
•  Steam finishing (fabric handbag)
•  Color Touch up if needed (leather handbag)
To Clean or Restore your Handbag,
Include a description of your bag such as  color or brand and a little information as to what you would like us to do or not
do. Then sign the form and ship it with your bag to: Cleaners To Your Door.  5837 Camden Ave #E, San Jose, CA 95124

For a FREE ESTIMATE, please Email photos of your bag to  CLICK HERE to request

We will  give you our opinions based on the picture. A confirmed price will be offered after we receive & inspect your bags
in person.  No work will be done until we get your approval.  Leather is SKIN of a unique animal.  As with any skin, leather
reaction is very ... unpredictable.  We will try to restore it to the best condition possible depend on each case.
Common Problems and Solutions with Leather Handbags:
Stains in Leather
    Body oils, perspiration, grease, spills, ink stains on leather can be reasonably cleaned. A badly stained leather
    garment can be saved by Cleaning AND Recoloring.
Ink on Leather
    Ball point pen ink can not be removed from painted finishes without removing the surface paint as well.  The solution
    is: to remove the ink marks, then redye or recolor the affected area after ink removal.
Color Loss
    Dyes can oxidize from exposure to UV light and gases in the atmosphere. This is a slow progressive condition that
    develops with age. It may become more noticeable after cleaning.  If Dye has been lost significantly or you experience
    uneven, blotchy light/dark color, we can reDye your leather handbag, purset for a newer, fresh look.
Thin Skin
    Some skins are extremely thin due to overstreching in the tanning process (to yield more squarefootage of the skin).  
    These skins will wear exceptionally fast and cleaning will further aggravate the damage of thin skins. Rips, tears,
    troubled wrinkles can occur, these are almost impossible to repair because the leather is overstreched too thin and
    very weak.

    When cleaning . moisture is added to leather, it can distort its shape and/or shrink. This is especially true when
    lesser quality leathers are used in manufacturing in order to meet acceptable pricing in the marketplace.
Imperfections of Leather like Scars & Tissues
    The manufacturer use artificial "fillers" to cover up imperfections in the skins, like scars & vein marks. Hides are then
    batch dyed before being made up into a garment ensuring uniformity of color on the finished garments .These
    imperfections may become more apparent over time or after cleaning as the filer compound gets thinner or even
    washed away.  We can touch up the affected areas with matching color but there's not much to do hide these original
    scars and tissues.  These are ... natural. Remember "leather is a ... SKIN", veins, marks, scars is somewhat
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How to Remove Ink on Leather Handbags & Fabric Handbags
Ink stains & spills are common problem with handbags. Below are pictures our miraculous work removing ink
stains from the lining of bag and leather surface.  Since leather is absorbent, even after thorough cleaning, ink
remnant is still visible. The next critical step is custom match color to mask the stains and blend everything in.

Custom Color Match is very time consuming.  Besides materials & special equipment, it requires skills and
good artistic eyes for a successful color match.
 Request  a Free Estimate Here.  Send pictures of your
bag to
It felt like a whole bottle of ink has emptied in to this lining!!! After several hours of cleaning & spotting, we
proudly return the lining to its pristine clean condition!
Remove ink on bag lining
Ink leaked from the lining thru the outside of this leather bag.  The bag owner has tried to clean it with alcohol
and removed the color.  The bag was sent to us for rescue.  And we did!
How to clean ink on leather bag
Ink marks, soils, oily handprints are all over the lning of these Coach bags.  Send these similar ones to us and
we'll make them cleaned and fresh again.
Clean ink on coach bag lining
clean designer bags ink lining
Another ink story on expensive light green hag.  The bag owner tried to clean the bag herself and accidentally
spread the ink to multiple locations.  Further attempts removed the original green color.  There's NO easy way
to clean or remove inks from bag.  Color restoration is almost always required.  This step requires professional
Clean ink and restore color on handbags
This Pearl White bag also has ink stains.  Ink removal, leather cleaning, and pearl white color matching were
performed on this bag.
ink remove and color refinish on white bag
SUEDE is notorious for cleaning & maintenance.  This Suede bag has a huge chocolate stains on one side,
and multiple pen marks on the other side.  We were able to remove these difficult stains again. Phewh!!!
suede bag cleaning chocolate stains ink stains remove
clean restore leather handbags