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How to Remove Stains.  Dye & Restore Color on Handbags
Handbag Services & Price List
Each leather handbag is hand cleaned, paying special attention to hard to remove stains.  After removing dirt, stains from
your handbag, we will clean, then neutralize and protect your leather to bring it back to the original softness and shine.

There is no easy step to restoring a luxury handbag , if done correctly is very involved and requires skills: leather knowledge
and color matching abilities. Price varies according to the size of the handbag,  leather type,  the complexity of the color
matching and design.  Turn around time is 2-4 weeks.  Please note that certain stains may not be removable.

  • Cleaning & Stain Removal: $25-$75
    Your handbag receives a deep cleansing to extract dirt and grim, while replenishing moisture into the leather. Every
    inch of the handbag is hand cleaned.  Lining will be spotted to remove soils, spills, ink stains and thoroughly cleaned
    afterwards. Minor  scraped & worn out areas will receive touch up color correction.

  • Waterproof and StainGuard: $20-$30
    For analine leather and delicate skins. Leather Protectant provides excellent protection against oil-based, water-
    based stains as well as helping to resist the effects of daily soiling. Usually, leathers that have cracked or peeled is
    not from use, but from body oils and perspiration that have settled down into the grain of the leather and started to
    dissolve the finish over time. The Leather Protection Cream will assist in preventing the cracking & peeling when
    proper cleaning is also done

  • Color Restoration: $50-$100
    If your bag is badly stained, soiled, or discolored, and cannot be removed with cleaning.  We will master mix colors to
    camouflage stains while retaining the original look and feel of the skin. Although this technique is a very time
    consuming process, we could rescue a handbag that may otherwise be a lost cause.

    Beautifully colored leathers require delicate handling during cleaning.  Coloration can depend on the type of leather,
    the desired finish, and fashion. There are "hard" leathers and "soft" leathers. Each type requires a different type of
    coloring agent - and different care methods.

  • Tear, Holes, Deep Scratches Repair: $30+$60
    We will repair that ugly tear or scratches, then mix  a custom color to cover up the repaired area and blends it in to
    match your original color.

  • Oil Extraction on Handles: $30- $75
    If your bad handles have been significantly oily & darkened. We will extract the oils from the handles and then correct
    the color to closely match the original color. The oil extraction & color matching is a long, laborious process and NO
    guaranty it can be done.

Email us a digital picture of the "problem areas" and another picture of the whole handbag to give us an idea of how best to
repair it, and allow us to offer quotes based on the pictures. Turn Around Time for Restoration is around 2-4 weeks.
Whether the material is fabric, suede or leather, each bag we receive is carefully
hand cleaned and refinished to its original beauty. We have cleaned designer
bags:  Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Coach, Gucci, Hermes, Longchamp, Prada,
Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tods and Yves St. Laurent.

Every suede handbag is evaluated to determine which one of our cleaning
processes is best suited for that particular type of skin. Oils and colors are restored
to the bags after hand cleaning to make the appearance look as rich as possible.
Leather is a skin of a unique animal.  As with any skin, the reactions varies and
could be unpredictable.
how to clean leather purse handbag
Common Problems and Solutions with Leather Handbags:
Stains in Leather
    Body oils, perspiration, grease, spills, ink stains on leather can be reasonably cleaned. A badly stained leather
    garment can be saved by Cleaning AND Recoloring.
Ink on Leather
    Ball point pen ink can not be removed from painted finishes without removing the surface paint as well.  The solution
    is: to remove the ink marks, then redye or recolor the affected area after ink removal.
Color Loss
    Dyes can oxidize from exposure to UV light and gases in the atmosphere. This is a slow progressive condition that
    develops with age. It may become more noticeable after cleaning.  If Dye has been lost significantly or you experience
    uneven, blotchy light/dark color, we can reDye your leather handbag, purset for a newer, fresh look.
Thin Skin
    Some skins are extremely thin due to overstreching in the tanning process (to yield more squarefootage).  These
    skins will wear exceptionally fast and cleaning will further aggravate the damage of thin skins. Rips, tears, troubled
    wrinkles can occur, these are almost impossible to repair because the leather is overstreched too thin and very weak.
    When cleaning . moisture is added to leather, it can distort its shape and/or shrink. This is especially true when
    lesser quality leathers are used in manufacturing in order to meet acceptable pricing in the marketplace.
Imperfections of Leather like Scars & Tissues
    The manufacturer use artificial "fillers" to cover up imperfections in the skins, like scars & vein marks. Hides are then
    batch dyed before being made up into a garment ensuring uniformity of color on the finished garments .These
    imperfections may become more apparent over time or after cleaning as the filer compound gets thinner or even
    washed away.  These original scars and tissues are ... natural part of any skin. We cant' fix these flaws.
Discolorations, stains, ... make your bags embarrassing to carry around. It takes skills, expensive equipment,
color matching techniques to make your leather look right. Professional  handbag cleaning is performed
entirely by hand. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the construction material type and extent of soil.

Your handbag cleaning specialist must know how to deal with a great variety of fabrics, as well as the proper
cleaning of leather and suede purses.  Our master cleaner can custom mix color to camouflage stains that
can't be removed. Custom color match is time consuming but it is the last miracle resort to rescue a bag that
may otherwise be a lost cause.  All the bags on this page requires color restoration after cleaning.

We specialize in cleaning & restore color on leather.  We DO NOT repair hardware issues like: buckle, straps,

Price varies depending on the leather type, sizes, style, complexity of the color matching.
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Besides stains, some of these are "scars" & imperfection of a skin.  Color refinish makes the scars look more
blend in, but they won't disappear completely.
clean dye restore leather handbag
Besides soiling, the white color on the bottom of this bag is scraped off. Color Refinish is required.  Protectant
is applied as the final coating.
clean refinish white leather bag
It's obvious this bag has a huge oil stain, stubbornly greasy!  Oil extraction and color refinish is performed.
remove oily stains on leather bag
Ink leaked from inside of bag thru leather.  Ink removal, cleaning, color matching is done here.
How to clean ink on leather bag
About 1in of Leather is worn off !!!  Stiching, Filler, Color Matching are performed to keep this quality bag in
use again.
repair leather bag bottom
clean and restore purse
clean and restore color on suede bag clean dirty suede bag