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How  To Order Gown Preservation Service?
Drop off your gown at 5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, 95124
  • M-F: 8am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm.  Phone: (408) 267-8140
Hand Cleaned Wedding Gowns:
We clean each wedding dress individually and steam press every inch.  Many preservation companies clean
multiple gowns in the same drum, with little attention to pretreating stains & spots. This wholesale cleaning treatment
may soil your cleaned gowns from the contaminants of other very dirty gowns.  Your gown also has more chance of
loose beads and color transfer.  We clean your wedding gown by itself and hand press it individually.

We carefully packages your gown in a custom Bridal Keepsafe Box with acid free tissues.  It has a clear, oval shape  
window to allow you to view your beautiful dress. The box lightly sealed to protect fabric from air, sunlight, moisture and
insects. The gown will remain in top condition until such time as you wish it to be removed once again

Gown Cleaning & Preservation Procedures:
  1. Our staff preinspect your gown for existing stains, tears, loose beads...
  2. We only use proven formulas to remove spots & treat the entire gown for cosmetic marks, wine, food, sugar
    stains. Though Dry Clean is the appropriate method for cleaning silk, some beads and sequins can dissolve or
    discolor in dry cleaning. Meanwhite, water-based cleaning can shrink or distort the fibers of your dress.  
    Experience is what we have to choose the best cleaning method for your personal gowns.
  3. Your gown is thoroughly cleaned with extra attention given to the neckline, trim, and hemlines.
  4. Our team of experts shape the gown, position a burst form and fill the sleeves.  It is then wrapped in acid-free
    tissue and fitted carefully into a preservation chest with an acid-free display window
  5. After cleaning, the most important step is packing your gown properly so it lasts for decades.  We fold your
    dress carefully to avoid damage caused by excessive creasing and use the finest archival materials to support
    and protect your gown.
Our wedding gown preservation boxes meet the most rigorous conservation standards. Because they are truly acid-
free, our boxes are the safest and best storage box to keep your gown in pristine condition.
Tired Bride after Wedding
The party of your dream is over.  You're exhausted with all the wedding
planning, preparations and anticipations.
Relax!  It is our turn to take care of
your precious gown and preserve your cherished memories for a lifetime.
Lifetime Warranty:
We provide 100% guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing
of the gown. If this ever happens, we will reprocess the gown at no charge
for the life o the gown. Gowns should be stored in a clean, dry place, NOT
basement or attic.

Bonus #1: Up to 3 accessories (veil, gloves ...) can be cleaned Free
Bonus #2: Free Gift Handbag Holder, when you clean & preserve your gown
Gown Preservation Happy Bride
You put your heart in designing the unique gown. So we put the highest degree of
professional care into preserving it so it lasts forever. Trust us, Certified Fabricare
Specialist, to clean, remove stains, and preserve your breathtaking dress.
Throughout the years you can safely remove your gown and share its beauty with
others. Or you can gaze at  your preserved treasure on your own, twirling through
time to that splendid day.

Makeup, champagne, wedding cake, and perspiration all affect fabric differently.  
It's important to treat those stains individually before cleaning. Because sugar
stains (champagne, cakes) and perspiration will oxidize over time and appear as
brown spots. This causes irreversible fabric deterioration if not treated & removed
as soon as possible.

Gowns Preservation

Bridal Gown, Wedding Dress Clean & Preserve

Tradtional Gown Preservation Kit
Premium Gown Preservation Kit
Traditional Gown Preservation Package
  • Clean Gown plus 3 accesories
  • Steam Pressed
  • White Preservation Chest for SM - Med Gown
  • Steam Pressed
  • Crystal Clear Oval Viewing Window
  • Burst Form Holds the shape of your Gown
  • Acid Free Tissue Papers
  • Box size: 27"x20"x8" for Xsmall to medium gown
    with short train.

Price: $180
Premium Gown Preservation Package
  • Clean Gown plus 3 accessories
  • Steam Pressed
  • Premium Keepsafe Preservation Chest, gloss
    finish. Your choice of Gold OR White color
  • Crystal Clear Oval Viewing Window
  • Burst Form Holds the Shape of your gown
  • Acid-Free Tissue papers
  • Box size: 32"x22"x9" for small to large gown

Price:  $200
Sik Gown Cleaning Specialist
Sizing and Silk
Some silk satin wedding dresses are made of a light weight silk
that has been disguised as a heavier silk using excessive sizing.
Sizing is a starch like substance used in the fabric manufacturing
process to help give fabric body. Heavily sized gowns may feel and
look different after they have been cleaned. Some of the sizing is
removed during cleaning and consequently some of the crispness
may also be removed.

Dry Clean will remove less sizing than Wet Clean. You may request
SPOT CLEAN if you don't want the sizing to be removed. When
necessary, we may spot clean to avoid melting beads and damage
fragile trims. However, if the gown is really soiled, your gown must
be cleaned. Be aware that it may look and feel slightly different
afterwards because of the loss of sizing.

There are some substances that are not removed with dry-cleaning
solvents. Sugar substances and perspiration require wet-process
cleaning or thorough pre-treating. In your Package, we include
some labels "STAIN", stick it to where your stains are so we pay
extra attentions to these areas.  Of course, we always pre-treat the
front bodice and the hemline.
Special Care for Silk Gown
Is your wedding gown made of silk? Silk is
elegant, gorgeous, drapes fluidly, and is very
comfortable to wear.  However, silk requires
much more care than synthetic fabrics.  If not
handled properly, silk will lose its shine luster,
shrink, or discolor.  Additional Fee may apply if
we determine your silk need special treament.  If
this is your case, we will call you to discuss
options and get your authorization before doing
any work.
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