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Premium Wedding Gown Box, Keepsafe
Our BEST SELLER! Our Bridal Keepsafe  Wedding Gown Boxes are
superbly contructed, well-designed and give your gowns years of elegant
protection.  Premium Box with a crystal clear oval viewing window.  Every
time you see it, fresh & sweet memories of your special days with bring a
big smile to your face.

The most elegant, superior quality box on the market, these Acid-Free
Premium Box include: Bust Forms, Acid-Free tissue paper, and sturdy
protective box.   Box is roomy enough for your veil too.

Box size: 32-1/2" x 21-3/4" x 8-5/8"
We no longer ship Gown Box, nor
Pick Up & Delivery Gown.

In store Gown Cleaning &
Preserve only.
Small-Med Wedding Gown Box, Censtible
Designed for XSmall to Med Gown, this attractive & economical Wedding
Gown Box features a unique "tie-down" holes inside, and a large clear oval
viewing window.  Each box includes a bust form, acid-free tissue paper,
and an individual shipping box.

Box size: 27-1/2" x 19-1/2" x 7-1/4"
We no longer ship Gown Box, nor Pick Up &
Delivery Gown.

In store Gown Cleaning & Preserve only.
Christening Gown Box, Small
Our attractively designed Memory Chest preserves any small gown or
dress, such as Christening Gown.  The attractive box features a clear oval
viewing window, fancy design, sturdy box material.  Includes acid-free
tissue paper, white tape for sealing the box, and a heavy-gauge poly bag for
long-term protection.  If you have a lady Xsmall, simple, light dress, it could
fit in this box too.

Box size: 18" x 12" x 3-1/2"
Gown Box Cover Bag
Box Cover Bag
This beautiful virgin cotton with Gold Triming carrying bag will keep your
Wedding Gown Keepsafe Box Dust and Dirt Free. It's Great for handling
your Wedding Gown Keepsafe Box. Comes with a zipper closure and cloth
carry handle.  
This bag ONLY fits the Premium Box, Keepsafe.

Bag Measurement – 33 x 22 x 9
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Bridal Gown Preservation. Gown Box

Wedding Gown Preservation Box

If your gown has been cleaned and you are now looking for DYI preservation or storage solution these
boxes are perfect for your needs. Our wedding-gown preservation boxes meet the most rigorous
conservation standards for quality. Because they are truly acid-free, our boxes are the safest and best
storage containers to keep your gown in pristine condition.

Throughout the years you can safely remove your gown and share its beauty with others. Or you can
gaze at  your preserved treasure on your own, twirling through time to that splendid day.

You Marry the Perfect Man.  You Wore the Perfect Dress.  Now is the time to Preserve that Unforgetable
Perfect Memories!

Before storing any gown or dress, make sure they are CLEAN!
Click HERE to watch the video of
How To Fold Gown in Preservation Box
Click HERE to watch the video of
How To Fold Gown in Preservation Box
How To Fold Bridal Gown for Preservation Box.

  1. Insert Burst Form to fill out the bodice.
  2. Line the box bottom with tissue paper.
  3. Lay the BODY of gown over tissues, FACE DOWN, with the waist extending past the top
    front edge of the box.
  4. Line up tissues on both side edge of the box, fold both sides of the gown lengthwise until
    they fit nicely in the box. Put sheet of tissues between the folds to pad them.
  5. Now fold the bottom of the gown into the box, again putting tissue between all folds to
    avoid sharp creases.
  6. Fold the top of the gown over into the box, FACE UP.  Adjust to make sure the bodice is
  7. Use crumpled tissue papers to fill out bodice and uneven areas.  If there are sleeves,
    stuff them as well and place nicely around bodice. Be creative!
  8. Finish by using more of crumpled stuffing to cushion the sleeves, and whole bodice so
    that they are secured in the box.  The dress should not have any room to move within the
  9. Now put on the crystal clear oval viewing window and admire your breathtaking gown!
  10. Store in a cool, dry environment.
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