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wedding gown alterations fittings
Many gowns need at least some sort of alteration, put your expectations in order and go to
the right seamstress or tailor, you should be ready for your wedding day with a gown that
fits flawlessly.

It's important to time your alterations right.
  • Bring your gown in too early, and you might not end up with a proper fit. (You may
    lose or gain weight after your gown is altered, which could affect the dress' overall
    look and fit.)
  • Bring your gown in too late, and you run the risk of not allowing enough time to have
    all the changes made. Most brides go for  2 to 3 fittings.

Don't just bring your gown, also take your undergarments, shoes, and accessories to your
fittings as well.  If you don't have the exact shoe you'll be wearing, bring something similar
in height so you don't wind up tripping over your dress on your wedding day
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bridal gown alterations fittings
How Much does Bridal Gown Alterations Cost?

  • Gown Hemming starts at $40.Most gowns need a hem.  Price varies depending
    on the type of hem needed (at-the-waist, or at-the-bottom), the number of layers
    and type of fabric in the gown and the type of bottom finishing and decoration.
    Some gowns need crinoline slips that sometimes also need hemming.  
  • Take in or Let Out at seams starts at $30.Basic fitting in the bodice area is usually
    done at the side seams. Depending on how these are constructed and are we
    taking them in or let them out.
  • Bra Tuck In,  or Adding Bra Cups $20
  • Sleeves or Straps Adjusted $20. Sleeve length is another common adjustment. If
    the gown has no sleeves, or short ones, this is not a concern. Long sleeves with
    much decoration can be as much of a problem to shorten.
  • Steaming and pressing for most gown is $20.  For a very full, multi-layer gown
    with long train , the cost is $30.
gown alterations, tailored fittings
Brides's Maid Dresses Alterations Cost

Most bride's maids dresses only need a hem and sometimes a little adjustments in or out
on the bodice.
  • Hemming starts at $20
  • Take in or Let Out starts at $30
Preserve Your Precious Lifetime Memories!
We put the highest degree of professional care into the heirloom We provide 100% guarantee against caramelized
sugar stains or yellowing of the gown. If this ever happens, we will reprocess the gown at no charge or refund the
preservation cost.

The Preservation Process
* First, we examine your gown to find all spots. A detailed Quality Control Report is updated
through every step.
* Then we use proven formulas to remove spots & treat the entire gown for cosmetic marks, wine, food, sugar stains. Your
gown is thoroughly cleaned with extra attention given to the neckline, trim, and hemlines.
* Our experts shape the gown, position a full burst form and fill the sleeves. It is then wrapped in acid-free tissue and fitted
carefully into a preservation chest with an acid-free display window.

How much does Gown Cleaning cost?
Click HERE to more info about Gown Cleaning and Gown Preservation.
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