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Professional Tuxedo Cleaner

Visit CleanersToYourDoor  for meticulous cleaning of all your formal
wear.  Our experts will take utmost care of your tuxedo, tuxedo shirts,
ties & vests.

Cleaners To Your Door is one of the leading firms that provides
efficient commercial dry cleaning services to the Tuxedo Rental
industry in San Jose, Los Gatos, Santa Clara vicinity.

Our long-standing industry experience and innovative technology
give us the ability and capacity to handle large volumes as well as
complex boutique orders, ensuring efficiency, reliability &
What set us apart from other cleaners?

  • Convenience.  FREE Pick up & Delivery to your business at your desired time.
  • Care. We know to run a successful small business, you rely on other vendors to deliver what they
    promise timely & cost effectively.  We commit to be your best valued professional cleaner.
  • Prom Season Reliable Service.   We have operated thru several prom seasons.  Got to admit, the
    volume is enormous.  All tuxedo is due Same Day or Next Day!  Yes, our staff work very hard & very
    late to make sure your tuxedo are well cleaned, pressed, and ready for your prom rush.   Let us know
    your specific needs and we will craft  a plan that suits your goal.
  • Competitive Price. We believe in Value, Fairness, and Excellent Customer Service.  We may not be
    the lowest cleaner in town.  Because to be the Best Value Cleaner, there are lots of extra miles we
    cover to help your business prosper. For the extra care & special services that we provide, you simply
    won't find another more reasonable cleaner.
  • Accuracy.  We are one of the few cleaners who utilize technology to ensure your garments are
    processes accurately.  Ask us about Heat Sealed Bar Code System.  These are tiny barcode labels
    that give each garment a Unique ID.  It means, misplaced garments are virtually eliminated.  We scan
    these barcode when receiving your clothes.  Then scan them again when we return them to you.  This
    guarantees an Exact Match System!

Well, there are many other reasons why Cleaners To Your Door should be your trusted cleaner for your
tuxedo rentals.
 Nothing speaks louder than the truth.  Give us a try.  We guarantee to make you
smile for making one of the best biz  decisions :-)

If you have a Tuxedo Rental business, we offer Special Wholesale Pricing.  Please contact our Store
Manager (408) 637-3311 to set up a Free Consultation.
 We will assess your needs and propose
cleaning plan that works beautifully for you. Depend on your volume, your pick up & delivery could be
scheduled on specific days, OR On Call.

A few good tips on keeping your suits looking new
• Store suits on the original hanger when not being worn. Wide hangers keep the shoulders from sagging.
•Never button the suit jacket or zip the pants while storing. This is the only time you can keep your pants
•Brush your suit after each wearing. It takes off the surface dirt.
•Always clean both jacket and pants together. Colors may undergo subtle changes in the dry cleaning
5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124.  Tel: (408) 267-8140

Store Policies:
  • Turn around time 3 business days for regular dry clean & laundry.  Some garment has stain issues, excessive
    wrinkles, shrinkage... that need extra time to reclean/special treatment, these will take longer to process.
  • Not all stains are removable.  We'll try our best to remove your existing stains but if garment has a high chance of
    discoloration, damage... we can only use the safest, most gentle stains removal agent.
  • If your clothes are lost or damaged, we'll pay 10 times the cost of cleaning that particular garment.
  • Bounced check, NSF payment, there's a $20 fee.
  • Alterations are custom and executed per customer specific request.  If customers change their mind and want to do
    different alteration on the same garment, additional cost will incur.