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How much does Dry Clean Cost?
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•        DRY CLEAN: when you have oily stains and are
concerned about: Colorfastness, Texture change,
Shrinkage, Finish Damage.
  WET CLEAN: when you have water-based spills
(sugar, juice …), heavy soil, grass, mud...
WE don’t just clean clothes, we enrich colors,
maintain shape, provide excellent finishing, add
softness, prevent pilling and fight stains.

Dry Cleaning keep your garments looking new, fresh, and
crisp.  It also remove perspiration and body oil build up. Spots
& stains on your clothes will gradually oxidize by themselves,
eventually turning into permanent brown spots.  Stains
containing sugars like: soda, coffee, tea are tasty treats for
moths.  You are almost guaranteed to find some discoloration
from oxidization, as well as thin spots or even holes where
moths have attacked and eaten the fibers.

We believe a Great Value, which is a combination of good
Quality & Price.  Give us a try and help spread the good
words to your friends & family.

You are a busy professional, leave the dirty cleaning & time-
consuming pressing to us.  Our team of expert Cleaners,
Pressers, Tailors will make You Look Good within Your
.  Ask about our Cuxstomer Loyalty Reward Program
when you are in the store.

When it comes to delicate fabric such silk, velvet,... we use
extra gentle process of cleaning. A process that protects the
natural fibers of your garments and revives their innate colors
and textures.  If we notice any stains,we'll hand clean or hand
spot your special garments to remove them.
Clean, Care, Convenient at Great Prices!
5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 (Next to ARCO gas station) (408) 267-8140
Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm.  Saturday: 9am - 5pm

What is Dry Cleaning?

The term "dry cleaning" is misleading. The cleaning is done with a solvent liquid , so your garments are still completely
soaked, but with solvent instead of water.  The solvent penetrates the fiber and loosen dirt, soils, stains, then flush it out.  
The process is similar to washing your clothes at home.  However, since there's no water, it minimizes shrinkage, color
loss, dye transfer.  Hence dry clean retains the shape, luster look, the color, and the soft feel of clothes much better than the
home washing method
Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water. The solvent used
is typically tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), abbreviated "perc" in the industry and "dry-cleaning fluid" by the public. It
is often used instead of hand washing delicate fabrics, which can be excessively laboriousThe process of dry cleaning
uses solvent to remove soils and stains from fabric.

The dry cleaning process begins with the pretreatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents. The clothes are
then loaded into a machine resembling an over-sized front-loading washer which uses similar mechanical action to
loosen embedded dirt. Throughout the cleaning process, the solvent is filtered or distilled to keep soil from resettling on
clothes. The garments are dried in the same machine and should have no residual solvent odor after cleaning.
Shirt Laundry 95124, 95120, 95032 Green Dry Cleaning 95124, 95120, 95032
Dry Cleaning 95120, 95124, 95032, 95123 Dry Cleaner near me
Common mistakes when people choose a dry cleaner:
Costly Mistake #1: Think all dry cleaners do the same quality work

Not True.
Spot and stain removal is an scientific art, NOT guess work.  That's why we prefer to think of ourselves as "fabric
care experts"

Cleaners2YourDoor is a member of IFI, International Fabric Institution, and  CA Association of Dry Cleaners.  Our highly skilled
technicians receive constant training to stay on top of the latest spot removal breakthroughs.

If you want your clothes to come out bright, odor free and the same color, be sure to ask your dry cleaner how often they test
and purify their cleaning solution.  Solvent that isn't frequently purified is very harsh and destroys the fibers in your garments,
shortening their life.  It also causes your white shirts and garments to turn grey.  The damage is irreversible.
At Cleaners2YourDoor, our state of the art equipment continuously purifies and filters the cleaning solution.  This also
ensures your clothes come out bright, fresh, lint free, wrinkle free.

Costly Mistake #2:  Use the lowest price dry cleaners.
You Get What You Pay For!

First, when a company advertise low prices, you must ask yourself if something is being left out, or a short cut is being taken.
Some cleaners do not add specialty detergent to their cleaning solution, because it is very expensive.  This leaves a harsh feel
to your clothes.

Some cleaners skip sizing and fabric conditioners. Without these expensive additives, your clothes look dingy, drab and limp,
instead of having the bright, crisp, "new" look that people expect from a quality cleaner.

Seeing is believing.  Give us a try to see if we deserve to earn your repeat patronage.  For First Time Customer, we offer Half
Off the 2nd garment, no limit.  Please print the coupon above and present it at pick up or drop off time.
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How much does alterations cost?
Depend on the  type of works. Below is our
most popular alterations:
Pant Regular Hem
Jean Original Hem
Zipper Replace
Waist In OR Out
Sleeves Shorten
Alterations Coupons
Our Professional Seamtress can:
  • HEM: pant, jean, skirt, dress, coat,  blouse, jacket, cuff, sleeves.....
  • Replace: Zippers
  • Alter: Waist size, Suit, Blouse, Dress..
  • Repair, renew,  recolor: Leather Garments
Hem Alterations Dry Clean
Discount Dry Cleaners
Dry Clean Laundry Alterations
Same Day Eco Dry Cleaner
  • Do you look like you are wearing some...else clothes?
  • Is it too long? too tight? too baggy?

It does not matter.  Our seamstresses are here to make you look your best! If you are looking for a perfect fit, You and We are a
Perfect Match! :-)

Bring in your slacks, jeans, dresses and skirts, even ... leather  and the outcome is always perfect. We can even keep the
original bottom hem on your jeans, and makes it look so ... original.  You could never guess it is even altered.
To Hem or Alter Your Garment, visit us at:
    5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124
    OR CALL (408) 910-6695 with any question
    We open 9AM - 7PM, Monday to Friday
                   9:00AM - 5PM Saturday

Store Policies:
  • Turn around time 3 business days for regular dry clean & laundry.  Some garment has stain issues, excessive
    wrinkles, shrinkage... that need extra time to reclean/special treatment, these will take longer to process.
  • Not all stains are removable.  We'll try our best to remove your existing stains but if garment has a high chance of
    discoloration, damage... we can only use the safest, most gentle stains removal agent.
  • If your clothes are lost or damaged, we'll pay 10 times the cost of cleaning that particular garment.
  • Bounced check, NSF payment, there's a $20 fee.
  • Alterations are custom and executed per customer specific request.  If customers change their mind and want to do
    different alteration on the same garment, additional cost will incur.