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Get rid of the dust, dustmites and that ugly midlews on your drapes.
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Drape Cleaning Mold
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Mold and mildew release mold spores in the air that can
float throughout the house, causing severe allergic
reactions such as watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing,
reactions such as watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing,
nasal congestion and fatigue. When mold starts to
reproduce inside a home, it can destructively eat away at
the structure, cause thousands of dollars in damage,
possibly make family members sick from mold exposure.  
They cause staining, decomposition (rotting of materials)
and objectionable, musty odors. By having your draperies
cleaned by our professionals you remove the risk of mold
ruining your valuable investment.
If you have dry cough, even heaches, you may suffer from
dust mite generated by your sweat & skin particles. They
live in your Dust mite allergy is the most common
allergies that drapes, mattreses, and in the air in your
home. Allergens any surface that they can adhere to
including your draperies.Our process kills these harmful
organisms. By removing the dust mites and other
allergens from your draperies you increase the air quality
in your home
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How to Clean Window Coverings?
Drapery & Shade Cleaner

The investment in your window fashions is likely to be substantial. These custom touches showcase your home with a
special flair. We are the Certified professional who understand the many nuances of this specialty cleaning, so your
window coverings will be serviced in trusted hands.  With our specialized Onsite equipment and expertise, we can clean
the specialty fabrics in your home right where they hang.  Enjoy the luxury comfort of having your home back the same
day!  No more living in a 'fish bowl" for weeks waiting for your drapes to clean.
clean luminette silhouette shades
onsite drapery cleaning
Did you know that your window coverings act as filters on your
windows, catching outdoor contaminants such as road grime, dust,
mould spores and smoke? Your window coverings also trap inside
pollutants such as cooking odours, grease, nicotine and bacteria from
colds and flu viruses.

Our cleaning method safely and effectively remove dust, grimes,
smoke and mold that dull the look of your once vibrant window
coverings. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally green and are
safe for people with allergies, children and pets
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* Cleaning Luminette, Silhouette, Duette, Honeycomb, Cellular Shades, Roman Shades ... .
* Cleaning draperies, curtains, sheers, board mounted valances onsite
* Clean mini blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds ultrasonically

For a Free Consultation, fill out the Form or Call
(408) 637-3311. Save you the worries and
headaches of  having your precious window treatments RUINED by a novice cleaner.  

DO NOT Wash Drapery at home! It will often shrink about 5-10% SHORTER after in contact with
water.  Silk will lose its texture and shine!

Exposure to humidity and sunlight can cause permanent damage and color loss to your draperies, especially at the fold
lines.  Our High Tech Protector will repel dirt, spills and protect your fabric against harmful UV rays so your investment will
last longer. It also helps to prevent mold growth.   

Trust our Certfified  Experts to clean your custom draperies or shades for you at affordable prices. You can either:
  1. Drop them off at 5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 for cleaning,
  2. OR Call (408) 910-6695 to schedule an InHome Cleaning
  3. OR Ship Your Curtains and Shades to us for cleaning.  

Our attention to detail and safety for your home or office separates us from the rest. "Shoe booties" and floor covers are
used when appropriate inside your home.  Professional techniques and top of the line equipment are standard to make
your window coverings dust free & fresh. We not only know well what we are doing, we ... care!  That's make a big
difference Let Cleaners To Your Door prove to you why our customers are smiling every time they look out the windows

Our incredibly thorough cleaning process treat the following damage on window coverings:
  • Mold & mildew
  • Road grimne, accumulation of dirt
  • Food stains, beverage spills, oily stains
  • Dirty finger prints
  • Cat, dog, pet hair & urine
  • Water Stains
  • Smoke & Nicotine

  • Vacuum Front AND Back of shades to remove dust, dead bugs, pet hairs...
  • Pre-treat brown spots, stains, mold, mildew
  • Apply Cleaning Solution with High Press Low Volume Sprayer to loosen up dirts, stains, contaminants
  • Extract the soiled solutions & repeat these steps until the shade is clean
  • Spray on water to flush out any soiled residues & contaminants
  • Extract the water, leaving your shades super cleaned & dust free
  • Your shades typically dry out within 30 minutes and ready for use again.

Please note that window coverings that are more than 10 years old are likely to have sun damaged.  Excessive heat over
the years combined with dirt grime, window sweating resulting in:  water stains, yellowing of lining, fabric thinning, fabric
discoloration & potential tears.  These are common problems of old drapes.  We will employ the safest and best cleaning
method on your window coverings, but normal wear & tear due to elements are expected and not our responsibility.
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