Cleaners To Your Door
*Packing List Form & Instructions
*Packing List Orange Envelope
*Handle with Care Label
*Prepaid FedEx Label
Blinds Shades Repair-Clean
    Your Shipping Kit includes:
    1.        Shipping Box, custom size: long & narrow box,
    2.        Rubber Bands
    3.        Packing List Form (either Blank, OR Prefilled)
    4.        Packing List Envelope (clear/orange)

1.        Put  the completed Packing Form in the Packing List Envelope and paste it outside the box.
2.        Close all blinds and shades tight. Wrap the cord taut to avoid tangling.
3.        Use the enclosed Rubber Bands to secure the 2 ends of blinds.
4.        Place your blinds and shades in the long shipping box and seal it securely.
5.        Use Scrap Paper or packing material to fill up any loose space.
6.        SHIP your package to us. We recommend FedEx or UPS if you want tracking ability & insurance.  If you
prefer a low rate carrier, USPS Post Office is one of the options.

***IF you purchased our Prepaid Shipping Label, the printed label is included in your package.  Peel it off & paste
it on top the existing old label.  Make sure the old barcode & address is completely covered.

NOTE: if you are shipping blinds, KEEP THE WANDS, CLIPS, & VALANCES AT YOUR HOME and reattach them
later after the repair. These fragile accessories break easily during shipping if not pack properly

We already charged $_______ for the:
__Packing Kit,__, Prepaid Label
__ Repair Service
__ Clean Service
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5837 Camden Ave #E,  San Jose, CA 95124

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